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Insurance for second homes used by friends and family is not to be confused with the completely different type of insurance required when the property is let.  When let, you need a self catering insurance ( holiday let insurance )

This advice page refers to your holiday home that is used by you, family and friends and not commercially let out.

Importantly second homes are regularly left unattended and not lived in.  There are therefore several key points to consider when obtaining the correct insurance.  Price is absolutely no clue as to the suitability of a policy.

Unoccupany & documented inspections for your holiday home.

Second homes are not lived in regularly.  All property insurances –  even your own home – will restrict cover after a certain period of unoccupancy.  This period varies between insurers.

  • Consider how often the property will be slept in, and does this coincide with the policy’s unoccupancy limitation?

  • Be very aware of the insurer’s security (ie locks and bolts), inspection and heating requirements.

Ideally, an independent third party would carry out the inspections and record these in writing or video as evidence to the insurer to prevent voiding a claim. You should make sure that you and your managing agent are aware of the unoccupancy period stated in your policy, and that if there is a change to this e.g.; change of insurer, or amendment to the insurer’s requirements you must update your agent accordingly.

Put a professional inspection service in place for your property.

Gain the peace of mind that your valuable property is being inspected & you are receiving detailed reports on it's condition. Our inspectors have many years experience in property management, inventory taking, property assessment & residential & holiday let compliance.

We utilise the Inventory Hive reporting software so our clients get a full record of their property's condition containing photographic record taking. read more about a second home inspection service


Personal possessions and valuables

It is unlikely that your second home insurances will include jewellery, bicycles, sports and leisure (eg photographic) equipment and so on.  These will be insured by your main home insurance under the “All Risks” personal possessions cover.  If in doubt, check with your Insurance Broker.

 There could be valuables within your second home which you do not transport back and forth to your main home.  These are likely to be paintings, and some own use holiday home insurances will include works of art up to a pre-determined figure (whilst other insurers will provide no cover at all).


Own use holiday homes are more likely to be in a flood area.  Just because one insurer cannot provide cover for flood does not mean to say that another will not.  


Your Insurance Broker should know all of the answers to the above points once you have explained your circumstances and provide you with a recommendation based on the cover available from a range of insurers.  

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